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Need an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

Why You Need an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Professionally maintaining your HVAC Air Conditioning and Heating system, if you are a resident of Palm Beach, Martin or St. Lucie County, can help you save money while keeping your cooling and heating system running smoothly year-round. Most importantly, it can also solve minor problems before they become major ones.

Enrolling in a residential service program will help you stay on top of your air conditioning and heating system’s maintenance. When you sign up for CMi’s maintenance program, you’ll also be signing an Energy Savings Agreement [ESA] which is like an insurance policy for maintaining a comfortable environment. Best of all, you can feel confident knowing your HVAC system will be taken be care of through regularly scheduled appointments.

So, let’s take a closer look at the essential benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement and why it’s valuable.


A maintenance contract is also known as a Maintenance Contract or Maintenance Plan (the wording may vary). But whatever the name, it is essentially a contract between a homeowner and an HVAC contractor where CMi Air Conditioning & Electrical agrees to perform a list of services to your air conditioner twice a year for a set fee. Your enrollment in the maintenance contract protects you by ensuring that your HVAC system is regularly serviced by providing above-and-beyond attention to your air conditioning and heating system. This agreement also provide enrollees with discounts on services and accessories.

The cost of an HVAC maintenance contract is less than the charge for two individually scheduled maintenance service visits. Another great benefit is that your system is serviced before the busy demands of the hot summer season! In other words, our expert technicians clean, inspect and tune up your system so you can relax in ongoing comfort. Some of the benefits include: Lower utility costs, inflation protection, extended equipment life, 24-hour emergency service, fewer overall repairs, no overtime charges, a 15% discount when repairs are needed, and the agreement is transferrable (it stays with the equipment). Plus, you will enjoy priority customer status.

Our full precision tune-up procedures include: The monitoring of refrigerant pressure, lubrication of all moving parts, testing of starting capabilities, thermostat calibration adjustment, testing of safety controls, cleaning of evaporator coil (in place), cleaning and adjusting blower components, rinsing the condenser coil, measure for proper airflow, treat the condensate pan and line, tighten electrical connections, the measuring of temperature differences, measuring of volts/amps on motors, cleaning or replacing filters, cleaning of the drain line and testing of the electric heater. 


While a maintenance contract may not be required for your HVAC system to function in general, committing to regularly scheduled appointments especially helps to extend the life of your AC system’s equipment and components. Naturally, a lean and well-tuned system runs more efficiently.

Discounts on parts, repairs, and accessories can give you options. Instead of getting by with just the bare minimum, you will be worry free when it comes to maintaining and even upgrading your HVAC system due to cost. Consider improving your system with accessories such as attic fans, indoor air quality products, as well as thermostats. The savings the Maintenance Plan provides can be significant!

So, as you can see, committing to a maintenance agreement helps maintain the safety and efficiency of your equipment while saving you money. A plan that fits your maintenance needs will allow you to stay on top of your HVAC check-up and repair schedule while receiving discounts that keep more money in your pocket.

If you have further questions about CMi’s Service Maintenance Agreement program, contact us today. Please call us at 561-844-1004 and we would be happy to help you sign up and enjoy peace of mind!

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