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Tips for your Home: Keep Warm for Less

Before we begin December’s blog, everyone at CMi Air Conditioning and Electric would like to extend to all of our customers and friends the following wishes: May your Holidays be filled with much Happiness, Joy & Health and may your New Year be filled with beautiful moments, treasured memories, health, happiness, and all the blessings a heart can know. We value our relationship with you and look forward to serving you in the year to come.

We also would like to remind everyone that if your air conditioner was installed before 2010, it might utilize R22, a refrigerant, commonly identified as Freon. R22. As of January 2020, R22 will no longer be available. Most air conditioning units older than 10 years utilize R22. So, it’s undeniably a very important issue for home owners in South Florida! Click here for more information.

It’s that time of year to think about the best way to keep warm in your home, yes, even in South Florida it gets cold, and a programmable thermostat is an extremely important component of that process. The placement of your thermostat in your home, exactly how you handle it, and the age of it, could all impact your home heating expense.

Trane Programmable Thermostat

The air pumped from your heating system is always the same temperature level no matter the climate condition outside. Raising your thermostat does not alter just how warm the air is, it simply makes your heater run much longer. Professionals concur that this false information could have customers overburdening their heating system.

If you’re setting the temperature to a high heat on your thermostat, that will most likely overwork the system. If your thermostat is set to 78 degrees, but the real temperature level in your house is 70 degrees, that implies there’s a concern with the system and you’ll have to look at.

Obtaining a programmable thermostat is highly recommended. With a programmable thermostat you could immediately reduce the established temperature level when you aren’t in the house. A programmable thermostat will usually pay for itself in a year or two.

Other ideas for maintaining your house as a cozy refuge for much less cash:

  • Cover drafty home windows with plastic or coverings.
  • Space heaters that adhere to safety and security standards used to warm a space rather than a whole home are very handy and will increase your cost savings.

If you do utilize space heaters to keep warm, see to it they have the UL tag and also a tip-over shut down feature, and never, ever leave them unattended.

Thermostat Placement is Critically Important

The placement of your thermostat is crucial to preventing incorrect readings. The objective is to have the thermostat as central as is feasible without leaving it subject to false temperature readings.

Put it far from direct sunshine, far from a cooking area, or any one of those locations where there are variations in temperature which would mislead the thermostat. As such, a kitchen is a poor place.

When it comes to the heater itself, below are some ideas for making it run better:

  • See to it the area around your heater is free from mess, particularly nothing combustible.
  • Run your heating system briefly prior to actually needing it.
  • Replace the air filter frequently.

Be Certain you’ll Keep Warm with a System Checkup

Lots of households wait to turn on their heater when the temperature drops, just to realize it’s not functioning effectively. It’s a risky practice and leaves you open to a potential crisis if your system is in need of any kind of repair. Winter comes around pretty much the same time each year, so we should do the smart thing and prepare for the worst… just in case.  Contact the professionals at CMi Air Conditioning and Electrical for a system checkup!

CMi Air Conditioning and Electrical

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